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folderExercise Files2018-05-13 20:10
file001 Welcome.mp42017-08-16 19:536865 KB
file002 Using the exercise files.mp42017-08-16 15:311024 KB
file003 Character design.mp42017-08-16 19:537826 KB
file004 Creating a turnaround.mp42017-08-16 19:5412406 KB
file005 Setting up a reference in Maya.mp42017-08-16 19:5441131 KB
file006 Blocking out the body.mp42017-08-16 19:5329357 KB
file007 Extruding the mouth.mp42017-08-16 19:5433467 KB
file008 Making eye sockets.mp42017-08-16 19:5435000 KB
file009 Adding detail to the face.mp42017-08-16 19:5335582 KB
file010 Refining the body.mp42017-08-16 19:5428046 KB
file011 Extruding arms.mp42017-08-16 19:5432630 KB
file012 Blocking out the hand.mp42017-08-16 19:5445777 KB
file013 Finishing the hand.mp42017-08-16 19:5437474 KB
file014 Attaching the hand to the arm.mp42017-08-16 19:5431560 KB
file015 Extruding the leg.mp42017-08-16 19:5431923 KB
file016 Creating the foot.mp42017-08-16 19:5448785 KB
file017 Mirroring and finalizing the model.mp42017-08-16 19:5330170 KB
file018 Creating eyes.mp42017-08-16 19:5416966 KB
file019 Modeling teeth.mp42017-08-16 19:5441410 KB
file020 Creating the tongue.mp42017-08-16 19:5521959 KB
file021 Creating eyebrows.mp42017-08-16 19:5522191 KB
file022 Accessorizing.mp42017-08-16 19:5118876 KB
file023 Mapping the torso.mp42017-08-16 19:5437849 KB
file024 Fine-tuning the torso.mp42017-08-16 19:5442152 KB
file025 Mapping the arms and hands.mp42017-08-16 19:5542350 KB
file026 Mapping legs and feet.mp42017-08-16 19:5450423 KB
file027 Finalizing mapping.mp42017-08-16 19:463401 KB
file028 Adding color to teeth and eyebrows.mp42017-08-16 19:5423573 KB
file029 Texturing eyes.mp42017-08-16 19:5423710 KB
file030 Creating a character texture with 3D Paint.mp42017-08-16 19:5527333 KB
file031 Creating textures in Photoshop.mp42017-08-16 19:5420732 KB
file032 Painting textures in Photoshop 3D.mp42017-08-16 19:5324527 KB
file033 Goodbye.mp42017-08-16 15:311591 KB